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About Air Force ROTC at the University of Maryland

What is Air Force ROTC? Brochure

Air Force ROTC is a college program that allows you to earn your degree while training to become an Air Force officer. At Air Force ROTC Detachment 330, you can complete your degree at any of our participating schools, while completing Air Force Officer training at the University of Maryland, College Park. When you complete all of your degree and training requirements, you will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

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Why Join Air Force ROTC?

Air Force ROTC offers challenges and benefits unique among student organizations and training programs on a college campus. You will receive invaluable leadership training, be involved in community events, and visit active-duty Air Force bases. Additionally, all course materials and uniform items are provided at no cost, and you can compete for scholarships to help pay your tuition. Most importantly, the program can lead to an exciting career in the United States Air Force!

What Schools can I Attend and Join Air Force ROTC at UMD?

Look at for a complete list of participating schools that can go to Detachment 330. If you do not attend a school that participates in our program, feel free to contact us and ask how you can join our program or another Air Force ROTC program.


College Students – Air Force ROTC may offer 2 and 3 year scholarships to qualified students in technical and non-technical majors. Selection is based on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, GPA, physical fitness, and overall performance as a cadet. Air Force ROTC also offers targeted scholarships for nursing, languages, specific technical majors and attendance at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. For more information, see official AFROTC page for scholarship, admission requirements, fitness standards, academic requirements, and further AFROTC information. go to

High School Seniors – There are 4-year scholarships available on a competitive basis to high school seniors or graduates who have not yet enrolled as full-time college students. Scholarships may be awarded to students pursuing any academic major, but emphasis is placed on technical majors. To apply, visit, click on scholarships, and follow the links for high school students.

Air Force ROTC Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into the 2-year General Military Course (GMC) and 2-year Professional Officer Course (POC). These courses can be shortened to accommodate students with less than 4 years of school remaining.

The GMC lectures are 1-credit courses in Air Force history and general military knowledge. POC lectures are 3-credit courses covering leadership, management, and national security policy. Additionally, all cadets attend a weekly leadership laboratory, where they engage in a variety of activities, including physical fitness, group leadership projects, and drill and ceremonies.

All cadets are required to attend Field Training, a 28-day summer course usually completed between sophomore and junior year. Field Training is a physically and mentally challenging series of group projects, fitness activities, and leadership exercises.

Summer Programs

During the summer you may have the opportunity to continue your professional development through exciting programs that augment your semester activities. These programs last from one to six weeks, and can include Air Force base visits, foreign language immersion trips, parachute training, and research opportunities, to name a few. These experiences can give you a glimpse of active duty life, help you build new skills, and assist you in choosing a career path.

Life Outside Air Force ROTC

The Air Force ROTC curriculum is designed to work in conjunction with a college schedule, so there is time for academics and other activities. Cadets enjoy college life, and are encouraged to participate in extracurricular pursuits such as sports, fraternities, and student government.

Career Opportunities

The Air Force offers exciting career fields that will challenge you personally and professionally during your military career. See for details. Some of these opportunities include:

    • Aircrew Pilot, Navigator, Air Battle Manager
    • Operations Intelligence, Weather, Airfield Management, Special Tactics/Combat Control
    • Mission Support Security Forces, Aircraft Maintenance, Supply, Transportation, Civil Engineering, Services
    • Science and Engineering Research and Development, Nuclear Physics, Mathematics, Computer Programming and Networking, Acquisitions
    • Management Finance, Personnel, Public Affairs
    • Law Labor, Claims, Environmental, Property, Contract, International, Legal Assistance
    • Medical Doctor, Nurse, Healthcare Administration

What are the Benefits?

Members of the military get amazing benefits that no civilian job can offer right out of college.

    • Competitive compensation package
    • 30 days vacation with pay every year
    • Full medical coverage for you and your family
    • Tuition assistance for graduate education
    • Free on-base housing or an off-base allowance
    • Commissary and Exchange shopping privileges
    • Free recreation and gym facilities
    • Retirement package available after 20 years

Service Obligation

After graduation from college and completion of all Air Force ROTC requirements, cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air Force. Non-flying officers serve four years on active duty, while aircrew officers incur additional commitments for their advanced training.

How Can I Join?

If you are interested in joining Detachment 330, please fill out the form below. A member of our staff will contact you and answer any questions you may have about the program.

Student Interest Form 

In addition, please email us at with a request to be added to our prospective cadet contact list. When the time nears for orientation and enrollment into the program, we'll contact you.

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