AFROTC cadets standing at attention

Student Organizations

Maryland Honor Guard

Maryland Honor Guard Mission Statement (1967): “To devote energy to the perfection of drill ceremonies while living under and cherishing the core values in the presentation of honor”

Maryland Honor Guard is an organization dedicated to preserving the highest levels of honor and respect to symbols of America pride and the sacrifice of those who fought to secure it.

This is executed through various high profile colorguards, ceremonies, and performances throughout the National Capitol Region.

group of cadets in uniform performing saber arch outside chapel

Arnold Air Society

“Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary service organization advocating the support of aerospace power.”

AAS bases its operations on certain objectives:

  • To create a more efficient relationship among Air Force Officer candidates, in particular within the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
  • To aid in the development of effective Air Force officers.
  • To further the purpose, traditions and concepts of the United States Air Force
  • To support aerospace power and its role in national security
  • To promote air and space age citizenship
  • To accomplish these through serving the community

group of cadets at beach wearing yellow shirts

group of cadets in gym doing sit-ups

Silver Wings

“Silver Wings is a national collegiate organization that works to develop our members into civil minded leaders.”

Silver Wings works to better the Maryland community, assist in professional development, and join a community while supporting our nation’s military. (Basically, it is an organization run in conjunction with AAS that is open to people outside of AFROTC. They still work closely with AAS, especially regarding UMD/Maryland events.)

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Project GO

Project Global Officer (GO) is a Department of Defense initiative that promotes critical language education, study abroad, and intercultural dialogue opportunities through language study for ROTC students.